In this section, you will find the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions. Have a question that isn’t on the list? Feel free to contact us with additional questions and suggestions.

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Where is the Festival Located?

The Festival is a statewide initiative that features all types of events in more than 45 cities and towns in Arizona. It is a STEM and Innovation “umbrella” that, with collaborators, celebrates the wonders of science happening in our backyards! 800+ events in 2015!

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What Types of Events are Part of the Festival?

There is an event or activity for all ages – from three to 103! Attendees may find tours, hikes, demonstrations, debates, concerts, competitions, expos, street festivals, science cafes, or STEM parties. Find your interest:  https://www.archives.azscitech.org/events

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Are There certain Ages that the Festival Appeals To?

There is something for everyone. To find an age-appropriate activity, log onto:https://www.archives.azscitech.org/events and use the event filter on the right side of the page to find type of event, age relevance, location, topics, etc.

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Is the Festival just for Young Students?

The festival is for all ages. Attend your event that fuels your curiosity!

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How Can We Keep Up on What Is Happening Through the Festival?

Sign up for the year-round Arizona SciTech E-NEWSletter.  It’s free. You may sign up on the Festival website, at: https://www.archives.azscitech.org/ At the bottom of each website page, you will find a sign up form.

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Do You Accept Volunteers for the Festival?

We love Volunteers!  The more the merrier! The Festival has interests for all ages.

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Who Do I Talk To About Volunteering?

Contact: chodel@aztechcouncil.org, or samigo@aztechcouncil.org

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I Live In Northern Arizona.  How Do I Find Out What’s Happening in My Part of the State?

Log onto: https://www.archives.azscitech.org/events and use the Filter on the right side of any Event page.  Enter dates of interest, community, event type and more to find your event.

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How Can A Business Get Involved in the Festival?  Volunteers, Sponsorships?

There are countless ways to get involved. Hosting tours, demonstrations at your business, offering speakers for projects, offering in-kind/trade services to support the Festival such as printing, exhibiting at events, and serving as a sponsor. We have sponsor levels from $200 on up.chodel@aztechcouncil.org

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What Are The Festival Dates?

The official Arizona SciTech Festival takes place annually between February and March.  However, the Festival offers STEM and Innovation event postings and highlights of activities and events year-round.

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Why a Festival?

Because Arizona is a leader in science, technology and innovation — this should be celebrated! The Festival is geared to help Arizona’s education, economic and workforce needs. Arizona’s state and local leaders support this event as a vehicle for leveraging productive synergy among stakeholders in the scientific, educational, and business communities to increase the output of future leaders/innovators in STEM.

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What is The Arizona SciTech Festival All About?

The Festival offers activities that engage, inspire and spark imagination across communities. Through diverse programming Arizonans will develop a first-hand understanding of the importance of science and technology to Arizona’s past, present and future.

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So What Can I Actually Do at This Festival?

What strikes your fancy? The Festival offers a rich variety of events and activities, ranging from concerts and plays to site visits, guided and walking tours, workshops and more. Check out our event listings to see which events spark your curiosity.

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Sounds Like a Field Trip! Can I Bring My Class?

Absolutely! We would love to have your class at the Festival. Just be sure to check to see if reservations are required due to space limitations.

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Is It Free or Do I Have to Pay?

The Arizona SciTech Festival is mostly free and open to the public! However, there are about a dozen events (out of nearly 500) that require a fee. These events are clearly marked on the website schedule of events and in our printed program, so you will know when a fee is required.

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How Do I Get There?

Most of the events are accessible by public transportation. Please see the schedule of events for exact locations. https://www.archives.azscitech.org/events

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What Should I Bring?

Yourself, your family and friends, and, your curiosity!